Every Shape A Diamond - Self Titled LP (100 copies)

Every Shape A Diamond - Self Titled LP (100 copies)

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artist: Every Shape A Diamond

title: self titled

format: LP

catalog: DS-102

description: 3rd release from Drop Shadow Records, the in-house label from the Breakaway Records shop in Austin, Texas. Every Shape a Diamond is a nu-wave-indie-post-post-rock instrumental duo comprised of Joshua LaRue (The Sorts, Sea Tiger, HiM, Mice Parade, Jack o Fire) and David Pavkovic (Exciting Trio, Toe, dp8888, Tricolor). This is their first album. Written & recorded by the group, mastered by Chad Clark, with original album art by Lance McMahon. Drop Shadow 102. Guitars, drums, and computers. Limited pressing of 100 copies.


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